RANI KI VAV - A stepwell of love

31 Jul, 2017
RANI KI VAV - A stepwell of love

Rani ki Vav or Queen's step well is a step well located in the town Patan, Gujarat in India. The step well is located on the banks of Saraswati river. It is declared as one of the UNESCO world heritage sites in 2014. The stepwell is 24 meters deep and it was built in 11th century A.D in the memory of King Bhimdev of the Solanki dynasty by his widowed queen Udaymati. Earlier step wells are considered as a form of water storage. This step well was designed in the Maru-Gujarat architectural style with an inverted temple that highlights the sanctity of water and seven levels of stairs that hold more than 500 sculptures and over a thousand minor ones combine spiritual, fabricated and secular imagery, often referencing literary works. Apart from storing water the step well has great spiritual importance. The fourth level of the stepwell is the deepest and leads into a rectangular tank at a depth of 23 m. The well is located at the westernmost end of the property and consists of a cylindrical 10 m in diameter and 30 m deep. Rani ki Vav nailed the title of cleanest iconic place in India. www.goldenindiatours.com

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